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: Heart disease is the same im both men and women.

Fact: Women are actually sicker than men when they have heart attacks; the heart attack is more severe and more aften fatal. Prevention is key!

Myth: If I excrcise I'll lose weight OR I am not losing weight because I am not exercising.

Fact: It is the amount of calories you eat! Most people eat more when they exercise so either the weight stays or goes up. No, it usually is not the muscle but fat that goes up. The only definitive way to lose werght is to close your mouth and eat less!! If you then exercise you might actually become thin.

Myth: I can diet Monday through Friday and then cheat on the weekend.

Fact: NO!NO! When you do that you throw off the metabolic process so that you gain it all back Saturday and Sunday. Eat less and then if you count calories you can eat something you like, a tiny amount, and not gain. Remember, if you cheat with any fad diet such as Atkins, weight gain is the only guarantee.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction (ED) is rare.

Fact: ED affects millions of men!

Myth: ED is usually only psychological or related to medication.

Fact: The most frequent cause is vascular disease.*

Myth: ED is reversible.

Fact: The causes of ED include vascular pathology, psychological factors and certain medications often in combination. What is required is a dialogue between the patient and the doctor together with initiating early prevention of vascular disease.

Myth: Viagra or any other stimulant is really all I need for sexual function to improve.

Fact: Early control of blood pressure (stop salt!), cholesterol/triglyceride levels and NOT SMOKING will ensure open arteries to guarantee normal blood flow.*

* The Doppler exam of the carotid artery, abdominal aorta and peripheral arteries of the lower extremities is the window into the arterial system. This study enables one to visualize the presence or absence of Atherosclerotic and calcified plaques along the walls of the arteries and is an indirect clue as to what is going on in the coronary artery system.

2015 Elizabeth Muss, M.D.